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Restore Old Photos

We Help You To Restore Your Old Memories.

Dawar Studios, the name that is globally famous for providing enhancement, re-coloring and restoring services to photos beyond comparison. With a group of talented professionals, Dawar Studios offers its best of restoring old photos services to entirely aged as well as damaged photos.

The name itself shows how we work and what we can do. We use cutting-edge tech methods to bring back natural life to your photos with the outstanding digital art of photo restoration. Get in touch with our specialists and we assure you that you’ll get the optimum possibility to obtain better photos than its original quality. 

What We Do To Make You Feel Delightful?

After successfully acquiring your digital images, Ecom Photographer will mix up technological advancements in the photo enhancement process to repair them.

No matter which type of damages your photos have received from bright light, heat, UV rays, moisture, humidity and much more, we have the key solutions to all.

We understand that you want to discover a magnificent old photo in the loft, but at some point scratches and creases do exist on it.

Therefore, Dawar Studios has its professional hands-on software and top-notch tech updates by which we are committed to reducing the ravages of time and color improvement.

We have the understanding power to know what you want which helps us to decide how we make use of software and ways to improve the quality restoration program.

Ecom Photographer Healing Tool To Restore Old Photos:

No matter how old your photos are, we make the process easier than ever to restore your entire old photos to keep them alive for your future generations.

Steps We Ensure To Restore Your Old Photos Via Our Healing Tool:


  • ​Unwrap your old photos that demand restoration

  • Creation of duplicate layer to make changes non-destructively

  • Going to the edit section to create duplicate photo and save it

  • The tool is just awesome to make entire repairing stupendously

  • Choosing the required features in the healing tool to paint the small parts you want to restore

  • Use of hard-edged brush that you have never found anywhere else to create better results

  • Use of clone stamp tool to cover large parts for photo restoration

  • Again you find Dawar Studios to use healing tool for repairing complicated scratches and heal the parts smoothly.

  • We at Dawar Studios utilize the blur tool to bring back the pixel level those are scattered and small

  • Again you will find Dawar Studios to apply soften effects to achieve desired photo look

Quality At Its Best!

Numbers of our client base say “We provide Quality at its Best.” For this, we are very much thankful to our professional teams who have ample knowledge regarding the restoration of old photos. If you are still finding it difficult to have faith in us, then we welcome you to see our portfolio where you’ll get to know more about “What we do and we do what we love to do.”  

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