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Liquor Photographer

Ecomphotographer is an experienced and experienced provider of product photography services in Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi. We have been photographing beverage brands for a very long time and fully understand the unique requirements, preparation and nuances needed to represent alcoholic beverages to the most demanding standards. We have a team of dedicated liquor photographers who take into consideration the shape of the bottle, the color of the liquid and the demographic of the drink for a successful product photoshoot. Our photographers take great pride in crafting fine images for alcoholic beverages. 

When it comes to liquor photography, our approach is one of the following:


  • Clicking the picture of the liquor bottle against a basic, white background. Take a clean shot and make sure that there is enough light highlighting the color of the liquid and the beautiful shape of the bottle. Such pictures are generally used for public relations marketing and eCommerce websites. 

  • Editorial style liquor photography is also something that we do. On a technical level, such shots are a lot less demanding and they are more dependable on the lifestyle imagery of the demographic that we are trying to please. Our liquor photographers have a lot of fun shooting such pictures and you can display those images across your social media pages or your website. 

  • If you want to advertise your brand and tempt people to purchase your product, our stylized still-life photoshoot will be perfect for you. For this photography, we give a lot of attention to little details. Such images are crafted from different exposures and we combine it to create the perfect blend of form, shape and color. This is a real work of art and you can frame the pictures even. 

At Ecomphotographer, we can handle your liquor photography needs in our studio or we can arrange for an outdoor shoot. 

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