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Flipkart Shoot

Launched in 2007, Flipkart has become one of the largest eCommerce websites with more than 80 million available products. There are over 100,000 sellers on Flipkart and millions of people shop on this platform. If you are a retailer and want to start selling on this eCommerce site, avail Ecomphotographer’s Flipkart shoot services. We have helped several sellers introduce themselves on this platform and attract customers with the help of professionally-clicked pictures by us. 

In today’s competitive online retail space, success only comes to those who can properly showcase their products. Since customers cannot touch the products, the product photographs have to be exceptionally rich, highlighting the specifications and design of the product. Even the color of the product displayed on the screen should be close to the actual color of the product. If these standards are not met; you might face a problem in the customer retention space. 

Our Flipkart shoot services include the following:

  • Product photography against a plain white background or grey background

  • Photography using props or male/female models

  • Photo editing, retouching and resizing services 

If you are selling fashion or lifestyle products, you can leverage our expertise in creative product photography. We can help you with the theme or a concept that best suits your product line. Our stylists and photographers are here to assist you from the conceptualization of the shoot to the actual product photoshoot. 

So, if you are looking for Flipkart shoot professionals who can best display your products, reach out to Ecomphotographer. Our studios are conveniently located in Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi. We have a team of professional and talented photographers, who closely follow the latest trends in product photography to deliver exceptional images. Also, we always ensure that the product pictures comply with the product photography specifications as outlined by Flipkart. 

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