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Apparel Photographer

Selling clothes online is thriving. Thanks to eCommerce, it has become easier for clothing vendors to advertise and sell their clothes on the Internet. If you are in this business, you are already aware that there are hundreds of websites offering the same products as you. In such situations, there is only one thing that can help you get noticed – professional apparel photography. This is where Ecomphotographer offers clothing photography services at affordable rates.

Ecomphotographer is specialized in apparel photography art. Our photos are capable of capturing the imagination of potential customers. Through our pictures, you can make your website look great or make your clothes look appealing when displayed across eCommerce sites. The expertise and experience of our apparel photographers will undoubtedly meet your clothing photography requirements.

Our team of experts provide a number of fashion apparel photography options, such as:

  • Invisible or ghost mannequin: When we make use of an invisible mannequin, we make clothes appear as if they are being worn by an invisible model. This helps to give potential consumers a clear idea about how the appeal would look on them.

  • No mannequin: The next type of clothing photography is where we simply lay out the clothes on a flat board and style them properly. We ensure that customers get to see the style and cut of the apparel by looking at the pictures.

  • Multiple clothes laid on a flat board: We reserve this option for clothing vendors offering combo offers. For instance, if you are offering 3 tees, we will lay all three products and click one picture to make the customers understand that they will receive three products with their single purchase.

Additionally, we can help you arrange for models for the clothing photography shoot.

To get started, speak to our apparel photographer in Gurgaon, Noida or Delhi.

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