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Amazon Shoot

Shopping online is all about convenience, but customers miss out on one experience – the ability to touch and feel the product before buying. This is why their buying decisions rely heavily on product images, and this is where Ecomphotographer can help. We are experienced in managing Amazon shoots and can help you showcase your products in the best possible way through high-quality pictures. Our e-commerce photographers are known to click crisp product photos that convey details, such as material, dimension and color of the product. Also, we abide by the product photography rules set by Amazon for sellers and take into account the sensibilities of all buyers when conceptualizing a product shoot. 

We use professional cameras to click products to be sold on Amazon

At Ecomphotographer, our team of product photographers uses professional camera kits with high-resolution lenses. We make sure that the pictures are never blurry and are always of the highest quality. Our focus is on helping you convey the details of your products to your customers, via good quality photos. 

Our photographers excel in white background photography

Amazon’s guideline on product imaging states that the eCommerce giant prefers product pictures to be showcased against a white background. Our photographers have mastered the art of white background photography, and they make sure that the features of the products visibly stand out for customers to make an informed buying decision. 

Product pictures have the power to impact a customer’s decision to buy. As a rule of thumb, good quality photos help sell products better in the online world. So, if you want to drive your sales and stand out from other sellers on Amazon, you can drop in a request for Amazon shoot to us. We are well-versed in shooting pictures for Amazon and have our studios located conveniently in Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi. 

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