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Myntra Shoot

Myntra was founded in February 2007, and it quickly became one of the most sought-after fashion & lifestyle eCommerce websites in India. You can sell on Myntra to grow your customer base and boost sales. But, this renowned eCommerce website already has hundreds of registered sellers, and for your brand to stand out, you need Ecomphotographer’s high-quality Myntra shoot services. 

Our photographers are experienced in eCommerce product photography and are aware of Myntra’s guidelines when it comes to product photography. By leveraging the knowledge and expertise of our photographers, you can get the best out of the product photoshoot. 

When clicking product pictures to be displayed on Myntra, we provide the following photoshoot services. 

  • Easy to zoom-in images – When a customer shops on Myntra, he/she judges the quality of the product, based on the displayed picture. This is why every picture that our photographers capture during Myntra shoot has a minimum of 1001 pixel resolutions so that buyers can zoom-in the image to get a clearer view.

  • Model photoshoot – If you want to foster your brand image and skyrocket your sales, you are going to prefer our model photoshoot services. Before buying, customers like to get an idea of how the accessories or clothes look like when they’re worn. With the help of model photoshoot, you can give your customers a broader view of the product. For this photoshoot, we can provide you with the right models for your products. 

  • Mood shoots – We perform mood shots for products like bedding, furniture, home décor and so on. These shots have an elegant background that adds to the beauty of the product and attracts the viewers’ attention. 

So, are you ready to start selling your products on Myntra? If so, join hands with Ecomphotographer and avail our professional Myntra shoot services in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon.

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