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Beverage Photographer

If you are the owner of a beverage company, you are probably aware that beverages and products related to it are not one of the easiest things to photograph. The bags have a lot of wrinkles, the containers are shiny and the ingredients are tiny. In case you have chosen to screen print on plastic or glass containers, the surface becomes too reflective and the complications double. However, beverage photography isn’t impossible. It simply requires a level of patience and understanding to get it right. This is where you can leverage Ecomphotographer’s expertise. 


Whether you sell alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, hot or cold, you cannot just drop the beverage products, take out your phone and post the pictures online. Such pictures never look good and will not get you any customer. Our beverage photographers handle challenges that beverage products present easily. 


  • Shiny beverage containers: If you are selling your beverage product inside a shiny container, the container is either going to reflect the light away from the product or reflect everything around the product into the camera. Since consumers get easily distracted, it is important to handle this issue. Our beverage photographers employ experienced tactics to make sure that the reflection is cut down and pictures only represent the beverage product. 


  • Wrinkled packaging: For products that come with wrinkled packaging, we request our clients to send us some unfilled bags, along with filled bags. After clicking the pictures, we smoothen out the wrinkles during post-production. 


  • Tiny ingredients: When it is about showcasing beverage ingredients, we make use of a macro lens. Ingredients are often tiny, but we can give them a life-size image. 

So, if you are creating an online product catalog for your range of beverage products, reach out to Ecomphotographer’s beverage photographers. Let us handle all the nuances of your product photography.

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